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Best 10 Scientific Calculator apps for iPhone & iPad Calculator HD Pro Lite:. This is a perfect calculator application for the professionals. This is compatible and perfect... Free, Download. PCalc app. It is a little bit pricey. But you will not get as perfect as that. You cannot find any other. The best iPhone apps for scientific calculators Free42. Free42 is a calculator app. Free42 is a re-implementation of the HP-42S calculator and the HP-82240 printer. Calculator +. Award winning calculator app for iPad and iPhone. Designed with simplicity, usability and beauty in mind. Xmart. 4. CalConvert: Currency Converter. Here's the best advanced scientific calculator app for iPhone and iPad, including a currency and unit converter. It has a handy history function that saves all your calculations for future reference. There are 27+ categories and over 600 units to convert for your convenience

It's faster than using pen and paper. But at the same time it needs to forgo many features found in scientific calculators. As such, it might only be the best scientific calculator app for those who prioritize speed. MyScript Calculator is available for free on both Google Play and Apple's App Store Panecal is one of the best and free scientific calculator apps for android and iOS users used for work. it's a useful app for engineers and science students so that you'll easily use this app in several engineering measurements and solving equations. it's inbuilt copy and paste option and also shows you different formulas to use. you'll also calculate inverse trigonometric functions, binary numbers, power root functions etc Top 11 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android & iOS. For our convenience, many talented programmers have worked and developed these apps to make your life easier. 1. Desmos Graphing Calculator. Demos is very popular and is known to develop many programming apps. Its team has developed 3 amazing calculators. First apps developed by Desmos is this Desmos graphing calculator. This app is absolutely free and both the Android and iOS users can use the app

PCalc Lite for iOS has a well-deserved spot on this list as a free, extremely flexible scientific calculator armed with powerful features while also giving you the option of numerous add-ons. The.. Smart calc is provided to users with extra features and using this app. Classic calculator: This is very powerful scientific calculator, will help you to find accurate solution for your problems. It provide features to solve trigonometric functions Sin, cos and Tan also you can use inverse functions. It is very helpful for school college university students. This is very easy to use with a pretty interface, there is no ambiguity. User feel convenient while using it, download it from Google.

You just have to turn your device horizontal when inside the Calculator app to access the scientific calculator in iOS. However, this is the only way you can access the scientific-mode in the iOS Calculator app. There is no other one Casio ClassPad. One of the best scientific calculator apps for all the Android, iOS, iPad users by Casio. Using this app, you can perform some of the complex mathematical operations including various numbers and mathematical equations Panecal is one of the best and free scientific calculator apps for android and iOS users which is used for technical work. It is useful app for engineers and science students so that you can easily use this app in different engineering measurements and calculation purpose Kalkulilo is a modern calculator based on the iOS platform. The application operates in several modes - scientific, bit, statistical, trigonometric, temporal, and so on. Let's consider each of them a little bit more. The scientific model presupposes the usual mathematics with its simplest calculations and logarithms

In-app purchases: Yes. Weight: 31.1 MB. Devices: iPhone and iPad. Compatibility: iOS 9 or later. Language: Spanish and 31 more. Description: Solve any mathematical problem without any problem thanks to this scientific calculator. There are many mathematical functions that include such as exponents, the percentage button as in a truth calculator, among other advanced functions ideal for students, engineers or workers within science Image Gallery (3 Images) PCalc describes itself as the App Store's best calculator, with a price tag to match. If $10 seems a bit steep for a math app, consider the cost of a scientific calculator that does everything PCalc can do. It works on both the iPhone and iPad, with an optional Apple Watch app to boot PCalc is pretty much the best all-round calculator app for iPad. For one, it's a free app that looks a lot like the stock calculator app on iPhones, which is great. Plus, it offers a truckload of features that make it pretty amazing for everyone from the regular joe to a STEM student Pcalc lite: the best scientific calculator for iPad Now we have the basic apps sorted, but what if we need more. Students with advanced algebra probably use calculators more than anyone else and they deserve an app that offers them a calculator which solves their trigonometric functions and logs

Best 10 Scientific Calculator apps for iPhone & iPad

  1. We've spent some time with the most popular calculator apps to narrow it down to a few choice options. These are our favorite calculator apps for iOS. The best overall: PCal
  2. Also must see: Best 10 Scientific Calculator apps for iPhone & iPad 2. Soulver calculator app, Ratings: 4.8 out of 5. The next app on the list is Soulver, a very user-friendly calculator app that's very popular at the moment. What's especially handy about this app is that it will allow you to see certain calculations that you have made before
  3. Best 13 Scientific Calculator Apps for iPhone. Specialist calculator applications are being used a lot on smartphones. Well, they are helping us to solve great scientific problems. We have collected most popular such calculator applications for Apple iOS platform in the below post. Let us know if we missed some good apps. Comments section is open! 1. Free Graphing Calculator By William.
  4. Top 7 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android & iOS: A calculator is a small electronic device along with a keyboard and visual display which is used for computing arithmetic operations on numbers. The easiest calculator can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. But this is not the end; as time flies the technology got advanced, and we got more advanced calculator in the form.

RPN Calculator 48 is a polished RPN replacement for Apple's calculator app: - Same scientific functionality as Apple's calculator app* - Use swipe gestures to undo and redo operations! - Starts quick.. Read more. Retro 15C Greg Hewgill See also: Top 10 Apps like Retro 15C. Free ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 123 votes - Utilities - First release: 2012-12-15T23:14:16Z. Students and. Calculator HD Pro - The Best Scientific Calculator for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Get for $9.99 You be the judge whether or not this app is the best The best iOS calculator apps. By Derek Walter. Macworld Sep 3, 2014 9 :30 pm PDT. At a glance. Pros. Cons. Our Verdict. The App Store offers some very powerful calculators for those who need to. The iPhone and iPod touch include a built-in calculator app that's easy to use and handy since it goes where ever you take your pocket-size iOS device. That calculator is pretty basic, but it also. PCalc. This is also one of the best ios calculator app. It was developed by TLA Systems. If you've used this application before, then you'll not want to disagree easily if it's tagged as the best scientific calculator app, although not free but less than $10 which is very affordable and worth the price with quite number of unique features

Calculator S - free Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch with history and transfer data functions, iMessage included. Is one application for all of your devices. It will be useful for everyday and complicated arithmetic calculations. We wish you convenient operation and easy calculations. Specifications 1. Two user-friendly interfaces. Scientific calculator is available in. Calculator for iPad is an easy to use, beautifully packaged calculator for your iPad or iPhone that includes both a standard and scientific calculator. Our versatile calculator app allows you to: • Customize the look of the application by changing the leather color and background texture (iPad Only

Best Paid Apps. Talking Scientific Calculator. iOS App Store. This calculator features large and high-contrast, colorful buttons as well as full voice-over support. It's one of a kind because there is also an option to speak the answers, button names, and formulas. This makes it perfect for accommodating special needs employees or students. Tag: best scientific calculator app iphone Posted on December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 by Yugesh Verma Flutter Scientific Calculator App Project | Android Studio. A flutter Scientific Calculator is useful for situations where we need to calculate some complex things like logs or trigonometry. In such cases, the normal calculator won't be useful for us. So therefore, we are here to develop a. Best Calculator Apps 1. PCalc - The Best Calculator App ( iPhone + iPad + Apple Watch ) :-. If you are looking best, useful and scientific... 2. Calc Pro - The Top Mobile Calculator! ( iPhone ) :-. Calc Pro has lots of amazing and helpful features such as 10... 3. Calculator HD+ Pro ( iPhone + iPad.

You cannot carry a calculator everywhere. But if you want to carry it with you all the time, then you need to have it within your iPhone and iPad. If you want to enjoy the advanced technology of calculator, then you should not delay having these s.. 15E Scientific Calculator iPhone-App 1.84 Englisch: Die aktuell kostenlose App 15E Scientific Calculator bringt einen umfangreichen wissenschaftlichen Taschenrechner auf Ihr iPhone The iPhone calculator is one such app that offers basic calculation features that you'd find on a normal calculator, however, little did people know that there is a scientific calculator mode. The scientific calculator function is free, but the other sections of the app cost money. Calculator + is a free app with in-app purchases ranging from $8 for half of the functions to $15 for all of the functions unlocked, which is what I paid. Download Calculator + for iPad here. Geogebra Graphing Calculator This way I can use my iPhone scientific calculator instead of downloading a scientific calculator app! Here's how to use your iPhone calculator as a scientific calculator. * This post is part of iPhone Life's Tip of the Day newsletter. Sign Up. * We'll show you how to find your iPhone scientific calculator, plus a few iPhone calculator tricks

Launch the calculator app on your iPhone; Typically, on newer iOS versions, you have to bring out the control center and then tap on the 'Calculator' icon from there to launch the calculator app; After you have launched the calculator app, it will be on portrait mode; So, simply, rotate your phone to landscape mode and the layout of the calculator app will also change to landscape mode. PCalc's App Store tagline is The Best Calculator and that may just be true. It's one of the most full-featured calculator apps around, and thanks to its availability on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, it's ubiquitous

Calculator for iPhone - Calc Pro is quite amazing. It costs $9.99, and is worth every penny. This app has 10 calculators in one. There is a basic calculator for your every day needs, a scientific. Best Financial Calculators for iPhone and Android 1. 10bii. via In A Day Development. Modeled after Hewlett Packard's 10BII financial calculator, this app has more than a hundred functions for computing the financial, mathematical, or statistical answers you need. This is the app you need when you want precise TVM calculations. The results are presented to you in a cash-flow diagram. Other. Euclid is a scientific calculator that supports Excel formulas, LaTeX, smart converter, and more. Get everything you should expect from a modern calculator in a simple and sleek interface. Solve advanced math problems anywhere: Euclid is a native app available on both macOS and iOS. See mor Best HP-48GX calculator app available for iOS. A lovely replacement for m48+. The HP-48 series was the workhorse for scientists and engineers for almost three decades, and for good reason. If you need an industrial strength scientific calculator app, you just found . Best scientific calculator app in the store, period. Wow!! I have been waiting for *years* to have m48 working again on my. Best graphing calculator apps for iPhone and iPad So long, TI-83. Hello, iPhone. Mick Symons. 17 Jul 2017 1 If you had to take pre-calculus or any other type of applied math in high school, you likely needed a graphing calculator, and if you're into any of that in college or university, you're really going to need a graphing calculator. Some of them can be annoyingly expensive, though, so a.

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  1. Agreed, calculating on the tiny screen of the Watch is not as comfortable as it's on iPhone. However, these calculator apps help you circumvent that inconvenience to a great extent. Which one of these calculator apps has got a place on your Apple Watch? Do let us know that in the comments
  2. Use Calculator on iPhone. In the Calculator app , you can perform basic arithmetic calculations with the standard calculator. Or use the scientific calculator for exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Ask Siri. Say something like: What's 74 times 9? or What's 18 percent of 225? Learn how to ask Siri. Use the scientific calculator. Rotate iPhone to landscape.
  3. Top 9 Best Scientific Calculator App Android - 2021 HiEdu Scientific Calculator: He-570. HiEdu Scientific Calculator: He-570 is a simply powerful best scientific calculator... PowerCalc. Easy and user-friendly to use with realistic appearance. Scientific Calculator is a powerful best Android....
  4. ‎The Free Calculator multiplies opportunities! Work from home on your iPhone or iPad with basic & scientific calc. #1 Student Choice. Simply use it for every calculation. Simply use it for every calculation. Even dictate equations with your voice. Count on it whenever, wherever. Free in The Calcu
  5. We've found the best calculator apps for the iPad. 1. PCalc Lite. Pcalc Lite is a no frills calculator for the iPad. If you're looking for a simple, fully featured calculator that's not bloated with ads or a bad UI, PCalc is basically the only option. It also comes with a useful widget and supports Split View. PCalc Lite is the free app. That comes with basic and scientific calculation.

[This hidden iOS feature offers a built-in calculator app on iPad as well as on the iPhone. Here's how you can access and use it. The Calculator is both a standard and Scientific Calculator for your Apple Watch. The best thing about this Calculator app for watchOS is that it also runs natively on all iOS devices so you can use it on your Apple Watch, iPhone and even iPad. It has features like built-in currency converter, easy to use paginated user-interface that lets you access the scientific calculator buttons by. Scientific calculator. The default calculator app includes a built-in scientific calculator that you can use to perform logarithms, square roots, trigonometric calculations, and more advanced math. Top Apps Top Publishers Top SDKs Store Comparison Category Analysis. Free Analytics. My App Analytics. Log In Log In. Request a Demo Free Report. Want data on your competitors? Create a free report and get actionable insights on your market Try it for free. NCalc Scientific Calculator + iOS App Store; Free; Tran Duy; Education, Productivity; Unlock data for this app. The Calculator app is probably one of Apple's most-used apps on the iPhone, yet I meet people all of the time that don't know all of the little tricks there are to using it more efficiently. You may know most of them, but there's a chance you don't know every single one or simply forgot about them

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  1. The iPhone's basic calculator is good enough for checking math homework, working out a tip at a restaurant and for keeping track of your grocery budget when shopping. It doesn't quite cut it when it comes to advanced math though. Have no fear, Apple still has you covered. To switch from the basic calculator in iOS to the scientific.
  2. Best Scientific Calculator Apps. There are various scientific calculator app lists supported by iPhone/ Windows/ also Android OS. One can pick any from the lists provided below. This is why all the apps can greatly help in solving the power, exponential problems, algorithms, and much more in a very short period of time
  3. In the Calculator app on your Mac, choose an option from the View menu:. Basic: Perform simple arithmetic operations. Scientific: Use memory functions and perform advanced calculations involving fractions, powers, roots, exponents, logarithms, trigonometry, and more. Programmer: Perform binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal calculations, including bitwise operations
  4. The iPhone Scientific Calculator is a widely-used calculator App (click here to see our fully functional online version), which was first lauched by Apple in 2007 as part of their operating system for iPhones and other smart devices and has been developed continuously ever since.The App is basically 2 calculators in 1: a simple 4-function calculator that can be used for addition, subtraction.
  5. In this post, we have carefully handpicked the best simple/basic calculator apps for Android as well as those with scientific/advanced functions. All you have to do is to choose from the best Android calculators available on the list. Say goodbye to your preinstalled calculator app and replace it with the best calculator app for Android
  6. The calculator app that comes pre-installed on the iPhone comes with a built-in scientific calculator, which can be easily accessed and offers an easy-to-use interface
  7. If you have a hard time choosing which one is best for you, we've prepared a list of top 10 scientific calculator apps that you may want to keep in your phone. Algeo Graphing Calculator. Scientific Calculator Apps (Source: Android Authority) This is one of the most basic calculator apps for solid and academic use. Its interface is simple, and.

iOS Apps; Category Business Comics Communication Education Entertainment Finance Health & Fitness 15c Scientific Calculator Free; The best Scientific & Engineering RPN 15c calculator for Windows Mobile since 2006 now available for Android.Looks as good as the *HP - 15c. Performs as good as the * HP - 15c & more. Free Desktop... go25c; HP 25 C hardware emulator. - automatic save and load. RealCalc Scientific Calculator - Android App 1.7.3 Englisch: Wer komplexere Rechnungen als Mal, Geteilt, Plus und Minus anstellen möchte, der ist mit dem kostenlosen Taschenrechner RealCalc. The Best Win­dows Cal­cu­la­tor Alter­na­tives, Tips and Extensions . Matthew Lui 30 Apr 2018 Not a fan of the built in Windows 10 calculator? If the flat UI design of Windows 10 apps isn't.

But sometimes simple is exactly what one is looking for. It's among the best apps for people who want to quickly download an app and get to work. Free Graphing Calculator is available on Apple's App Store for free. 4. Calc Pro HD - iPad Calculator. The most surprising thing about Calc Pro HD - iPad Calculator is how little competition. Loved by millions of users, Android's highest rated scientific calculator. Rove to navigate. Forget buttons Natural Scientific Calculator utilizes Rove to allow to you edit wherever you need to. Unlike other calculators which make you mash buttons to move a cursor, our app allows you to simply swipe on the keyboard to get to where you need. You can also pinch to zoom and get an overview of. How to do fractions on your iPhone calculator. 1. Launch the Calculator app located on your iPhone. 2. Once the application is launched, turn your iPhone sideways to place it in landscape mode.

HiPER Scientific Calculator is one of the better calculator apps, especially for educational use. It has most of the basic scientific calculator functions, a built-in unit converter with over 200. Calc Pro is one of the best calculator apps available on the App Store that has 10 calculators in one. There is a basic calculator for your every day needs, a scientific calculator with RPN mode, a graphic calculator with eight available equations, a financial calculator including ten worksheets, and many great features such as standard, scientific, financial calculator and graphic calculator. Photomath is one of the most popular Calculator apps available. Use Photomath to solve basic math such as fractions to more complex concepts like integrals. Select from multiple ways to solve an..

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Zarqa Abidev. You cannot carry a calculator everywhere. But if you want to carry it with you all the time, then you need to have it within your iPhone and iPad. If you want to enjoy the advanced technology of calculator, then you should not delay having these scientific calculator apps for your iPhone and iPad Scientific Calculator: A standard scientific calculator for the iPhone. (Web, Free) Energy Apps. iCrude: A simple real-time crude prices app. A good way to track the end of civilization as we've. For Windows, some of the scientific calculator software is Compact Scientific Calculator 36, Super Calculator, HEXelon MAX, SpeQ, DPLS Scientific Calculator, and Alternate Calculator. For Mac Os version CalcMadeEasy Free, eCalc Scientific Calculator, PCalc 4 Mac Calculator App and SpeedCrunch. For Android application, some of the scientific calculator software is Calcu, Calculator++, Calculator (CyanogenMod), Graphing. The iPhone's built-in calculator app apparently has a scientific mode, which can be accessed by going into landscape mode. For serious calculators, there are better options

The Elements (iOS: $13.99) Based on Theodore Gray's The Elements, the app by the same title is a lavishly illustrated romp through the periodic table of elements. Starting off with an illustrated. Question: Q: iOS 11 scientific calculator More Less. Apple Footer. This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. Apple may provide or recommend responses as a possible solution based on the information provided; every potential issue may involve several factors not detailed in the conversations captured in an electronic forum and Apple.

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CalcKit All-in-One Calculator CalcKit is another interesting app that offers everything you need from a calculator app. The app features over 150 calculators including unit converters, customizable.. The HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular calculator with rapidly growing downloads and high user ratings. The calculator has 15 digits of significand and 3 digits of exponent in its free version.. The iOS scientific calculator also has a built-in function for calculating the unit fraction of a number. Enter a number and tap the unit fraction (1 / x) sign to find the unit fraction of the number. How to Calculate Exponents on iPhone. You'd also need to use the scientific calculator to perform exponential calculations—i.e. repeated multiplications of a number. There are dedicated. The Best Free Calculators app downloads for Mac: Conversion Conversion Soulver Swift Calc CalcTape Numi MPGCalc Growly Calculator iNetTaxGross CalcMad. Scientific and Programmers desktop. Photomath is a smart calculator app that does something unique and special, and is an invaluable tool for students. Just launch the app, point your camera at.

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In this article, we'll be reviewing some of the best scientific calculators on the market so that you can find one which fits your needs and budget perfectly. Top 6 Best Scientific Calculators For 2021. Take a look at the table below; in it, you'll find the name of each calculator we'll be examining, as well as a couple of important specifications. We have a lot more to say about each of. The app is free, fast and lightweight, and saves you from pulling out a physical graphing calculator. Download GeoGebra Graphing Calculator Switch the Windows Calculator's Mod To use the Scientific mode in the iPhone Calculator app, all you need to do is rotate the device to landscape mode and get access to the extended set of options. Yes, that's it

7 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For Android And iPhone

Our guide below will show you how to find the Calculator app and adjust it so that you can use the iPhone's scientific calculator. Finding the Scientific Calculator on the iPhone. The steps below are going to show you how to locate the scientific calculator on the iPhone 5 so that you can use some more advanced features like sin, cos, tan and square roots, as well as much more. This tutorial will assume that you have not moved or modified the default Utilities folder in iOS 7 Speed. Pundits may debate whether a scientific calculator is a tool or a crutch, but at some point in your education, you're going to need one. When it comes to functions, variables, equations, and formulas, most of us feel overwhelmed. Understandably, picking out the best scientific calculator can be an intimidating task. And it doesn't. HiPER Scientific Calculator is one of the better calculator apps, especially for educational use. It has most of the basic scientific calculator functions, a built-in unit converter with over 200..

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If you're a student, or you need to do mathematical calculations in your work, then check out Microsoft Mathematics. And if you use Word or OneNote a lot, there's even a version which works as an add-on in those programs too. See also: Microsoft Mathematics - It has the most features for a scientific calculator You can go to the calculator app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Then you'll see a calculator icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this to open the Calculator app. Then if the iPhone X is held transversely, the scientific calculator automatically appears on the display that also allows calculations with root, sine, tangent and Cosine, and other mathematical functions If your iPhone or iPad Calculator app has disappeared from your Home screen or Control Center, don't panic; We'll show you how to get the Calculator app back. First of all, strange as it may sound, the iPad doesn't come with a built-in calculator app (but we'll show you a workaround!). While the iPhone does have one, beginning with iOS 10, Apple gave users the option to remove Apple stock. RealCalc Scientific Calculator Alternatives for iPhone. RealCalc Scientific Calculator is not available for iPhone but there are plenty of alternatives with similar functionality. The most popular iPhone alternative is Soulver. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you could try NumWorks Graphing Calculator or Calcbot. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more.

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The name of the app is All-in-One Calculator, but it is a very powerful unit converter app as well. It is one of the highly-rated calculators available on the Play Store. The app not only helps you get your conversions done, but it is also a scientific calculator which many of our engineers would relate to. Besides, the app also supports currency conversion of over 160 currencies that are. Are you looking for a fully accessible scientific calculator for your iOS device? Take a look at the accessibility features of this fully featured Talking Scientific Calculator app: High contrast and large buttons with optional speech for users with low vision; Totally accessible with VoiceOve #7 Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator. Best iPhone Apps For College Students. Quick Graph is the best graphics calculator available on the AppStore! It is a powerful, high quality, graphic calculator that takes full advantage of the multi-touch display and the powerful. Also Read: How To Remove Stock Apps From iPhone Home Screen Without Jailbreak #8 Todolist. Todolist. This is.

Best Calculator Apps for iPhone: Scientific and Graphing

It is a fully featured scientific calculator for macOS with support for hexadecimal, octal and binary calculations, as well as an optional RPN mode, parentheses, programmable functions, and an extensive set of unit conversions. Features include: A powerful menu bar widget - do quick calculations without ever leaving your current app. Switchable button layouts - choose from many different. Calculator app will instantly transform into which alternate calculator you chose. The programmer calculator works with hexadecimal, decimal, binary, ascii, unicode, and the scientific calculator supports scientific notation, logarithmic, exponential, constants, exponents, fractions, roots, and all else you'd expect

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The following will help you use the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as a calculator by first turning on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You can go to the calculator app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Then you'll see a calculator icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on this to open the Calculator app. Then if the iPhone 7 is held transversely the scientific calculator. Android Project - Scientific Calculator App with Source Code. After developing a simple calculator in android studio, let's develop a scientific calculator. Project Details. A Scientific Calculator is useful for situations where we need to calculate some complex things like logs or trigonometry RealCalc Scientific Calculator is described as 'Android's #1 Scientific Calculator. A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing' and is an app in the Education & Reference category. There are more than 100 alternatives to RealCalc Scientific Calculator for a variety of platforms, including Android, Windows, Mac, the Web and iPhone. The best alternative i If you've ever wanted a scientific calculator app on iPhone, don't fret—your iPhone already comes with one built in. Apple's Calculator app includes a scientific mode that has been hiding in plain sight since 2008, as The Verge recently noted. Here's how to use it Desmos offers best-in-class calculators, digital math activities, and curriculum to help every student love math and love learning math

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I am looking for a scientific calculator app which is easy to use and do big calculations involving sin-cos, fractions, logarithms and everything. Almost all the apps I found do have all these, but the problem is, they are not easy to use. The UI isn't very friendly. If you know any good one, please suggest. I've lost my calculator and need to. A beautiful, free online scientific calculator with advanced features for evaluating percentages, fractions, exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometry, statistics, and more Windows Apps for Calculators. The Calculator category contains numerous unit converters, number and data crunching programs. Filter. Microsoft Mathematics (32-bit) Free. Microsoft Mathematics.

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